We’re one-of-a-kind wedding planners based in Andalucia, Southern Spain. Specialising in exclusive, beautiful, intimate and unique weddings that truly reflect your individual personality and style.

Our passion is to deliver contemporary, design-inspired weddings that are super stylish, luxurious, fun and all about you, enchanting and pleasing your guests for an unforgettable and fun wedding experience in the sun!

Every wedding we produce is bespoke, planned, designed and styled with your personal dream in mind. With our in depth knowledge of Andalucia and the culture of Spain, we will create wonderful experiences for you and your guests to enjoy and cherish forever.

To maintain the highest levels of service and quality we limit ourselves to an absolute maximum of 20 Weddings each year. Because of the exclusive service we offer and the incredible reviews from our clients, we get booked up very quickly. So please contact us now and engage with your wedding planner in Spain!

Meet The Boutique Team

Passion, Energy, Creativity, Expertise and LOVE

Bringing Passion, Experience, Energy, Culture and Style to your Wedding

We love what we do, we are so proud of what we have created, and we want to share it with you!

The Boutique Wedding Co. was born out of our desire to offer Wedding couples a truly personalised wedding service. A service that's focus was bespoke, stylish and unique to each bride and groom. We wanted our clients to feel individual, special and above all listened too. The dream was to create weddings that were utterly beautiful, weddings that would amaze people, weddings to remember for eternity! Well 5 Years on, that dream is real and that is exactly what we do!  

After building successful careers in London, Planning advertising campaigns and later managing international luxury brand events, we were keen to invest our experience and knowledge into creating our own business, be own own bosses and start living a fuller and most satisfied life.

´We´ are Lucy and Jesus and we will manage your Wedding from start to finish. You will get to know us both and we will guide and advise you along one of the most important journeys you will take in your life! 

With our love for life, our passion for culture, our creative talents, our boundless energy, devotion to our work and commitment to our couples, we will bring your dream of a wedding in Spain to reality! 

To find out more about our experience of wedding planning in Spain please click below.

Weddings In Spain

Why use The Boutique Wedding Co.

As specialists at planning weddings in Spain, we know that beautiful and unforgettable weddings come from conscientious collaboration, efficient organisation and meticulous attention to detail. Working alongside our team of premium recommended suppliers, our comprehensive wedding planning and design service will bring a calm and reassured quality to every element of your wedding; ensuring absolute perfection at each step of the way. Below you can read all about the services we offer, information about getting married in Spain and how to engage with a wedding planner in Spain.  To read more about our services and pricing please click on the image below.

Why use a wedding planner

Planning a wedding abroad is a time consuming task, with language barriers and the time difference, what would be a simple task in your home town, becomes a challenging one. Taking the decision to hire a wedding planner to manage your wedding in Spain, is not an extravagant one. We believe it´s a sensible option if you would prefer to benefit from the guidance and reassurance, of working with an experienced professional. Through our established relationships, we can deliver the very best wedding venues and suppliers, we work only with true professionals who deliver the highest quality. To read more about why to use a wedding planner in Spain, please click on the image below.

We are experts at wedding planning

Our wedding planning service offers you complete and comprehensive planning and design of your wedding day. Offering you everything from inspiration and guidance, reassurance, practical help, expert advice and endless wonderfully stylish ideas! We will offer you expertise and full support from start to finish, ensuring your special day or weekend away, far exceeds your expectations, without the stress of organising it by yourselves. To read more please click on the image below.

Styling and designing a truly personalised wedding day

Creating a perfectly personalised wedding day for you is our prerogative and it is through the very important element of wedding styling and design that we will do this.  You may already have some ideas about your ‘colour scheme’ and ‘look’ for your wedding. We are here to guide you, inspire you and bring your wedding day dream to life! To read more please click on the image below.

How We Work

When you enquire with us, we will arrange a complimentary meeting with you via Skype (as we are in Spain and you are usually abroad). This call will last approx. 30 Minutes and is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us all about your dream wedding in Spain. With your initial enquiry we understand you are looking for venue ideas, a guide to the costs of hosting a wedding here and information about getting married in Spain. To read more please click on the image below.


There is no better recommendation for our work, than from our previous clients. To read more please click on the image below.

Please contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation or to simply have an informal chat about your wedding planning requirements. We would love to help you create your dream wedding here in Spain!

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