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All About the Groom!

All About the Groom!

It seems that more often than not my posts are written for the beautiful Brides who are getting married. But hey we must not forget, that without those gorgeous Grooms who fell to one knee and asked for your hand in marriage there would be no Wedding!

So todays post is dedicated to the Grooms behind those sparkly rings, those happy smiles and the excitement of your future Wedding day-today it’s all about the Groom!

For couples today the wedding trends are changing, there are more opportunities to be adventurous, choose a style that is out of the ordinary, in fact uniqueness is exactly what we love here at The Boutique Wedding Co. We are strong believers in your Wedding being truly about you, your personalities and you firmly stamping your identity on your Wedding day in every possible way. Afterall this is a once in a lifetime experience!

In 2009/2010 the Fashion Industry introduced a separate Fashion Week for Menswear. A twice yearly slot, of 2 to 3 days, to showcase Men’s Fashion in the major cities across the globe. Finally mens fashion was being given the credit and importance it deserved. Traditional womenswear designers such as Vera Wang even announced the launch of menswear divisions too! This focus on Men’s Fashion and the trend for men to really take care of their style and look is now influencing the world of Weddings too.

Grooms, we encourage you to express your unique style and let your personality shine through on your Wedding day! There are so many more choices available for Grooms today, it’s no longer about the traditional morning suit and cravats. There is a world of fashion opportunities right here!

So, take a look at our wedding inspiration boards below for an insight into what’s trending for the Grooms of 2014.

The Laid Back Groom

The Laid Back Groom- The Boutique Wedding Co.

The Laid Back Groom- The Boutique Wedding Co.

Starting with a Groom look that would be just perfect for a beautiful Boutique Wedding in Spain!

Often the decision of your Wedding location, the Wedding Venue and the Style of the event will influence your choice of attire. These days, we see many more Destination Weddings, people opting for a more informal and intimate affair in a faraway land with only their nearest and dearest friends and family close at hand! Sounds familiar, yes, we know it is our speciality!! Its just what we love!

These Weddings lend themselves to a more casual look in order for the groom and groomsmen to deal with the potential heat or obscure conditions, such as a beach! Additionally there is a huge Home-made/Rustic wedding movement happening right now which also lends itself to a more relaxed style of dress, something alternative something unique and all about the Groom rather than customs and tradition. It all sounds good to us!

The Gatsby Brigade

The Gatsby Brigade- The Boutique Wedding Co.

The Gatsby Brigade- The Boutique Wedding Co.

The Great Gatsby influence has been around for a few years now, ever since the launch of the amazing Baz Luhrmann movie with the lovely Leonardo! Well there is no denying this look is sexy, sophisticated and fun, guaranteeing you a totally rocking night! What I love most about the Gatsby inspired Wedding look is that although it’s distinctive, you can still really make it your own! Style to your personality and your personal style. Its fun, it’s adventurous and it’s daring! Everything that the Great Gatsby is!

The Mismatched Groom

Mismatched Grooms-The Boutique Wedding Co.

Mismatched Grooms-The Boutique Wedding Co.

You see it’s not just the ladies who are choosing to mismatch their outfits, it seems 2014 is the year for the boys to join the trend too and start dressing in their own unique style. As with the bridesmaids dresses the best way to make this look work is to choose different co-ordinating tones of one key colour. Select an outfit that really suits your personal style. Do you feel comfortable? Well great, that is the whole point. And afterwards, you have a great outfit to wear!

The Colour Pop Groom

Colour Pop Grooms-The Boutique Wedding Co.

Colour Pop Grooms-The Boutique Wedding Co.

Grooms have been working their own personality and style into their wedding looks over the past few years by adding accessories with colour, namely, socks, braces, handkerchiefs, shoes, of course ties and their floral buttonhole choices. With a huge influence from the red carpet during 2013 and 2014 this trend has got bigger and bolder. Grooms are opting for bespoke tailored suits that really speak their identity, choosing  popping bold colours that really stand out, such as the suits above. These beautiful suits are a real statement piece and in the right cut offer you a timeless classic for your wardrobe!

And now for this….  just a taster of this years final trend transcending into 2015 as well!

The English Gent!

The English Gent - The Boutique Wedding Co.

The English Gent – The Boutique Wedding Co.

Ahh how cute are those two!

The English Gent look has been nudging its way into Wedding style for the past few years, the influence has certainly come from the catwalk but has also been helped along by the popularity of Downton Abbey and the Vintage Wedding revival. Its a wonderful way for a Groom to look smart but in a more relaxed and casual way. The great part is you don’t have to go all tweed, plaid or herringbones to achieve this look. Adding a tweed waistcoat can add a contrasting colour to your outfit and make your wedding look more interesting.

More on the tweed next week…

In our next blog post we will be looking at Grooms attire for 2015 and putting together some inspiring palettes to influence your style choice for next years Weddings!

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Love Lucy x
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