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10 Things To Know Before You Book A… Wedding Photographer!

10 Things you should know before you book a… Wedding Photographer A few days ago, I was talking to a friend, about how much she misses my wedding industry blog posts. Apparently, I wasn’t that bad at it. And my views were interesting enough for someone to read it. So I have decided to start...

Country House Wedding

When couples are truly in love, their wedding is always a success. Naturally, things could go wrong, no matter how much you prepare…, the electricity can go in the middle of a speech, leaving everyone in darkness. Or the DJ can get lost on the way to the venue even though you shared a google location...

Summer Wedding at Hacienda San Rafael

The year was 2016. Our year was officially sold out. We had all the weddings that we wanted to have and a season in front of us, that would test our skills and enthusiasm. Twenty weddings, twenty interpretations of what a wedding day should entail, and each twenty of them in a different location with...

Outdoor Malaga Wedding

When someone asks us to plan a wedding for them, it’s really a privilege. I am not going to lie. It is a lot of work as well. Lot’s to plan, discuss and then carry out. You are sunk with emails, chats, and meetings. And then come summer, you find yourself running around like a...

Elopement by the Ocean

Imagine that one day you marry the love of your life in a remote mysterious place… There is no family, no friends, no distractions. Just you and him and love. It is a bit insane but this feeling you both have for each other is a bit like that too. So, no need for being...

Wedding at Hacienda San Rafael, Seville

After meeting Alexandra and Krystian for first time, we left feeling as we have known them for a long time. They are just that kind of couple. The ones that no matter what, they share sympathy, love and positivity. We knew straight away their wedding was going to be special. Now writing this from distance,...

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The Boutique Wedding Co.Rustic Luxe Weddings