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A Glamorous Cortijo Wedding

For their Wedding in Spain, Saskia and Sam had dreamed of a glamorous Cortijo Wedding! When they first got in touch, they described their dream wedding!

‘A rustic spanish ‘fiesta’ in a picturesque, refined hacienda or cortijo. A sensory sensation where we can enjoy great, authentic spanish cuisine, good wine, great music. As the sun goes down the venue twinkles from the gentle glow of lights and lanterns and the smell of dama de noche fills the air. Guests are entertained by spanish guitar and flamenco dancing, before a dj gets the party started.’

Its always funny to look back 2 years on a first enquiry, remembering the conversations with the clients over the 18 months of planning, the styling and design discussions and of course how it all turned out on their wedding day. I have to say Saskia and Sam’s days was nothing short of the dream they had from the beginning!

I am proud to say we certainly hit the nail on the head! Saskia works for Bobby Brown Make-up and manages Bridal Events herself, her standards are pretty high, because her knowledge and experience was like our own! It was such fun to bounce ideas off each other, working out how we could implement their dream in the spaces provided at their wedding venue in an innovative and original way!

As with many Brides these days Saskia wanted to have a lot of input on her wedding design and styling. She produced the beautiful guest name cards, wedding table plan and wedding menus! We are always really happy to create these personal touches for you, its what we specialise in, but if you are crafty yourself and would like to get involved then we also greatly encourage this. It is after all your wedding day.

The stylish decor ideas mixed with the incredible outfits of this gorgeous couple really made for one of my favourite weddings for 2018!

Here’s what Saskia and Sam had to say :

Working with Lucy and Jesus was the best decision we made throughout our wedding process. Our wedding was more magical than we could have hoped, and the dream of a ‘colourful spanish fiesta’ was truly surpassed. All of the guests were blown away by the thought and detail that had gone into every touch, and so many told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Lucy and Jesus have so much passion for what they do, are a joy to work with and will care about your big day just as much as you do.

Saskia and Sam’s wedding Photographer on the day was Mireia Cordomi– Mireia has a wonderful relaxed style and likes to have a bit of fun with the Bride and Groom which always results in gorgeous portrait images. Thanks to Mireia for sharing her work with us.

If you are dreaming of a Spanish Cortijo Wedding like Saskia and Sam’s please do get in touch. We love what we do and would love nothing more than to help bring your dream to life too!

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A Spanish Villa Wedding

I am so excited to finally be sharing the incredible images of Anna and Chads Spanish Villa Wedding in Spain! This was a dream wedding to create and not only for the absolutely fabulous clients who were super nice and also such a beautiful pair!

When we first came to work with Anna and Chad they were dreaming of a Spanish Villa wedding in the South of Spain. They also wanted to be able to party late, host a large number of people and have no sound or time restrictions. For me, instantly one of my favourite Wedding Venues came to mind! There are very few Villas where you can actually host weddings without sound restrictions these days, so this one is a great find! A beautiful countryside wedding villa, tucked away in the picturesque Ronda hills. A place where you can truly relax and enjoy with your family and friends for a 3 day wedding event.

Anna herself has Spanish and Gibraltarian family so being in close proximity for them was very important. Having been bought up in Australia and currently living in London, Anna and Chad had an incredibly diverse guest list with 130 people travelling from Spain, the UK, Australia and beyond! We had many different people to consider and also travelling such a long way, we needed to guarantee an experience that was hassle free and easy, with plenty of accommodation close by so they could all spend as much time together as possible and we also had to accommodate a complex menu choice that would suit the Kosher side of the family as well.

This extravagant 3 day wedding was so much fun from start to finish! Starting their wedding weekend with an amazing sunset canape reception in an ancient Palace, overlooking the famous Ronda ‘El Tajo’ Gorge, accompanied by a Spanish guitar. There wedding day began with everyone relaxing by the huge swimming pool or hanging out on the beautiful terrace. At this venue, the views are some of the best in Andalucia so its all about sitting back relaxing and enjoying this incredible space.

Once hair and make up arrived the atmosphere heated up and the girls cracked on with the champagne!  I personally don’t think a wedding day should be spent any other way. Anna was a picture of elegance in her beautiful gown and her bridesmaids were all dressed in gorgeous blue cocktail dresses. The ceremony took place in the shade of a huge weeping willow tree, providing natural shade to those lucky enough. With the sun setting the cocktails commenced and the views of Ronda old town were the unforgettable backdrop to this wedding reception.

With dusk creeping in, we moved across to the dinner area. A beautifully manicured garden space. edged by century olive trees. The table set up consisted of 3 huge tables 40 people long! decorated down the centre with plush garlands of Eucalyptus, olive, hydrangeas and David Austen roses. Overhead, we had arranged for some fabulous bare bulb lights to be strung. The speeches were both sentimental and fun, heartfelt and jovial! The July Full moon shone over the wedding guests as darkness came and it was time to hit the dance floor! It was  a fun filled and colourful wedding day, followed on Sunday by a recovery Paella! It was truly incredible, a weekend to remember for eternity!

From the very beginning I knew that Anna and Chads Wedding Vision would be incredible and it was nothing less than that!

Thank you to Eloy and Alexandra form Eloy Munoz Photography for the beautiful images! If you would like to talk about panning your Spanish Villa Wedding in Spain, please do get in touch via our CONTACTS page here.

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The Role of a Wedding Planner

Let’s Talk Weddings –how to differentiate between Wedding Planning Services…

Before I even start, I would like to highlight that not every wedding planner does the same job or offer the same service, so please be aware.

A wedding planner is someone that helps couples to plan and organized all the aspects that take place during their wedding day. It is a professional, experienced individual who does this activity as a full-time job for a fee, and has the know-how to understand the elements and dynamics of the wedding industry because they are part of it. This know-how, allows them to offer the best possible advice to their clients and it is crucial when helping them to take decisions about their wedding or sorting out issues if they arise.

Thus, we can differentiate between a professional with knowledge, skills, relationships and experience from anyone else who claims to be a wedding planner but does it occasionally, perhaps as a part time job, knows little about the industry or anyone who works within it, offers limited skills to do anything original and lacks experience outside of their comfort zone.

Frequently these wedding planners, offer their services for a fraction of an industry standard fee. Such ridiculous fees only make sense on these scenarios. A) This individual either has no clue and needs to learn from mistakes (happening at your wedding) so they charge little. B) this individual needs to do so many weddings a year to add up to a living salary, that has a limited time to dedicate to each wedding. C) This individual gets paid indirectly through commissions that you pay when contracting services (without disclosing this to you!)

Often these wedding planners offer you their planning services free of charge, but their real job is actually a venue manager, a caterer, a photographer or wedding celebrant, just to mention some examples. C) stills applies here and they will be taking back handers!

If you think you are getting a great deal, having someone plan your wedding for almost nothing or free of charge, but they are not a professional wedding planner, please think again and consider what someone with unbiased knowledge could do for you!

If you still don’t see it, it is like when you are building a house, instead of contracting a professional architect to advise on the build, letting the person that sells you the central heating to do it instead!

Moving on, wedding planners are therefore professionals and they have knowledge. So let’s summarize what kind of knowledge am I refering to.

Professional Wedding Planners know venues, catering companies, photographers, musician, furniture contractors, lighting specialists … and every other professional that make weddings a great event.

And this knowledge is built not found on google, but through face to face relationships, based on experiences from previous weddings, on connections with other wedding professionals. A full-time wedding planner makes an effort to meet other professionals in the industry, so she/ he can gain knowledge that benefits their clients. This knowledge affects directly the quality of the wedding itself, so it is very important to add time and effort to it. And it is not a part time job.

In addition to quality, it also affects budget. Knowing who is who in this industry allows weddings planners to differentiate between services that to the untrained eyes seems similar, but in reality, they are not.

Wedding planners have skills and experience to plan and coordinate.

We already have explained how important knowledge is, however without skills to apply it, it is somehow useless.

How can a wedding planner, helps their client to work out the weddings elements when from the beginning, the creation of an idea, their already lack the skills to apply that knowledge. How can she implement those plans without the skilled hand to create or to visualize the elements of the plan?

Experience is another tricky one.  Skills without experience, is a long shot that might work but might as well not work, and let’s be honest how many weddings are you going to have in your life.

Weddings are usually stressful environments to work at. Everyone knows that. You’ve got a dozen professionals trying to carry out their job, with a space and time limitation, maintain a high pace during lots of hours and their absolute conviction that their job is the most important one. You’ve got also unpredictable elements, such as wind, rain, or heat. Or much more predictable such as delays, drunk people, or uncontrolled emotions, …

In this environment experience is essential, otherwise your wedding planner will be part of the chaos, instead of the coordinator. A wedding planner is a manager that enables people to work together for the best outcome, not someone who affects the overall mood of the wedding with authority and stress.

If  you are unsure whether your wedding planner has experience or not, compare their rates with other wedding planning professionals. The less they charge, it is likely the less experience they have. Let’s be honest a pair of cheap shoes hurt your feet. A bad wedding planner could ruin your wedding day!

In experienced wedding planners charge little money in order to gain weddings, and subsequently, experience. They do everything for a single fee, including aspects that do not have much to do with your wedding day.

They can’t charge normal fees because they are not consolidated wedding planner yet. Experienced wedding planners charge more or less the same. They know how many hours wedding planning involves, and they are serious professionals who are passionate about their jobs.

So now you know why there is such different range of prices for wedding planning services, fooling yourself is no longer an option.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


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