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Wedding Planning: Getting Started

Today’s post is one for both the Bride and the Groom so please do share this article with your partner should you first be reading this alone.

So I hear you are new to Wedding Planning! Well, the truth is that when planning your wedding you will no doubt have a million lists to work too and one of the most important lists, however, will be the first!

Wedding Planning: Getting Started

So to get you started and help you get through this, we have put together a list of the key points that you should attend to as soon as you begin your wedding planning. Clarifying these questions will give you a good idea of what type of wedding you are planning, how much time you have and how much budget you will need. Remember, the most important part of your wedding planning is to enjoy it. At times, wedding planning may become stressful, but once your wedding is over you will miss it and wish you could plan it all over again! Believe me- it’s a wonderful time!

Wedding Timeline

The most important question for you both…When do you want to get Married? How much time do you have to plan? Your exact date will probably be decided by your choice of venue and location, but having an idea of when you would like it to be, will set the scene for the rest of your planning.

Wedding Location

What have you dreamed about? What are you thinking? Church, mountain top or a beach destination wedding? Is your dream a huge production or a more intimate affair, with just close family and friends? The answers will help you determine the perfect location.

Wedding Budget

Who will be paying for what? Traditions have changed and it is no longer the Brides Father who is expected to pay. And sadly, Fairy Godmothers who can wave their magic wands are in short supply. Being realistic about who will be paying and how much you can afford early on is key. Manage your own expectations of what you can afford.

Wedding Guests

Managing an expanding guest list can be overwhelming. Only invite the people that you really want there, after all this is your special day, do not feel pressurised by the people around you. Location and budget will also guide you as to how many guests to invite. Perhaps a destination wedding could be an option here?


Do you want a religious ceremony? For most couples, this will be a definite yes or no depending on their background and traditions. Many couples although not religious wish to incorporate a spiritual component. If you are planning on getting married abroad you will need to check out the legalities of a Religious ceremony, refer to our page ‘Getting married in Spain’.

Wedding Style and Design

Think about, what is your personal style?  Use all of the resources available to you for inspiration, some of my favourite wedding blogs are: Style me Pretty, Rock My Wedding, Love my Dress, Magnolia Rouge (and of course my own!). Remember, where you decide to get married (location, type of venue) and your budget will also help decide on your wedding style.

Wedding Colours and Themes

What colours do you love?  Once again there are some amazing blogs that can help you look at colour combinations that will work! Check out the utterly exquisite colour palettes at: The Perfect Palette. The season you marry in will also help you decide. Also think about the look you would like to create, dramatic romance, Cool contemporary, Light & Whimsical, Rustic chic or perhaps bohemian boutique.

Wedding Vows

What do you want to say to each other? After all, is said and done, this is really the key part of your wedding celebration. Why not make your Vows personal, romantic and most importantly, about you two! If you would like any tips on ideas for personal Vows, then please get in touch.

Perfect Image

With years of working as a wedding photographer and within the image business, I believe this to be one of your key suppliers. You need to know what you are looking for and pay a deposit as soon as possible to book the photographer of your choice. Make sure you see a very broad range of their weddings. Ask which wedding planners they have worked with and check the sites of those planners to see whether the images are consistently good. Also, meet with them, it’s important to like and feel comfortable in the presence of your photographer!  There is the age old saying ‘Cake is consumed and flowers fade but photographs last forever’. I would be more than happy to recommend some photographers for you!

Stay Calm

Stay calm and try and enjoy your wedding planning. All of this hard work is a means for you to celebrate, with the most important people in your life, the love that you share with your fiancee! It will be wonderful no matter what happens. And if you are really feeling overwhelmed then call in a wedding planner!

If this all seems daunting and you would like to talk through the starting points for planning your wedding, please CONTACT me. 

Destination Wedding Guide

For years you’ve dreamed of a destination wedding that will be unique, stylish, romantic and fun. Incorporating all the things you love most in life; your closest family & friends, your favourite location, decorated to perfection with wonderful music and delicious food and drinks.

Most people will be over the moon with your invitation and see this as a great opportunity for a holiday with amazing family & friends! For others, many questions will come to mind: how much will it cost, how much time of work will they need. If they have children, are they invited and does the wedding fall within the school holidays? Then there is researching the flights, hotels and what to wear!

To bring your dream of a perfect destination wedding to life and ensure an amazing, unforgettable experience for you and your guests, follow The Boutique Wedding Co’s Destination Wedding Guide.

Plan Ahead

Wedding venues can get booked up 12-18 months before, there’s passport arrangements, holiday time from work, booking flights and accommodation are just a few things you’ll need to handle well in advance of your big day. Send your save-the-dates out as soon as you confirm your wedding date, possibly 12-18 months in advance and ensure your invitations go out at least 6 months prior.

Agree on Your Guest List Early on

Make a headcount before deciding on your venue and location. You might think only a few people can make it and then be happily surprised that everyone wants to share your special day with you. The numbers will affect the decisions you make, including which venue you will choose!

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding on home ground is complicated enough, planning a wedding from abroad is even more so! Consider employing a professional who knows the lay of the land, has established relationships with wedding venues and suppliers and can speak the language. A wedding planner will manage all of the elements of your wedding you wish, involving you as much as you choose. They will save you time, money and stress. More on WHY USE A WEDDING PLANNER

Choose your Wedding Location Wisely

Your wedding location determines not only the style and look (rustic romance, bohemian beachy, boutique sophistication), but also the travel, time and budget required. Select a wedding location and venue that you feel reflects you, overflowing with character, natural beauty and plenty of outside space for your celebration. The venue should be representative of the area as well as being about what you love, your style, your interests and passions.

Visit your chosen Destination

Take at least one planning trip and ideally two or three depending on whether you hire a wedding planner. If you do decide to hire a wedding planner, a meeting with them will be your first port of call. They will be able to show you a selection of venues that suit your style, introduce you to florists, photographers, beauticians, caterers etc… They will supply you with all the information you will need for your wedding and it’s likely you will need less planning trips too.

Take care of your Wedding Guests

Destination wedding guests spend an average of £500 to £1,500 per person to attend a wedding. There are a few things you can arrange to help with budgets and show them your appreciation. Ask your wedding planner to research arranging group rates for flights and rooms, list information for getting to and from the nearest airport to your wedding venue. You could also deliver Gift bags to your guests’ rooms, full of essentials for the holiday. Consider hosting an extra event, such as a welcome bar B Q on the beach, a next-day brunch or group trip to local interests. Some couples will forego a gift list for a destination wedding, understanding that the presence of the guests is a gift in itself!

The Legalities

Every destination has a different set of legalities and time required to be in the country before you’re legally able to marry, ensure you are clear on what these are. We would always recommend getting “officially” married at home first.  This will save you time and money. No one need know that your destination wedding is not the ‘Legal’ one, you can still exchange rings and vows; with your loved ones around you, it will feel like the real thing anyway!

Consider a Wedding out of Season

If travelling abroad, why not consider your wedding a little earlier or later in the year? The shoulder season falls directly before and after the High season and could save you and your guests money. Seasonality affects the pricing of venues, flights and accommodation. Although you cannot 100% guarantee the weather will be perfect in the shoulder season, it should still be good!

Take Time and Space for Yourselves

A destination wedding may mean you are surrounded by your closest family and friends for a week or more. This is wonderful and fun, but it could also become tiring if you don’t take some time out for you. Ensure you and your new husband plan to enjoy each others company alone and take some honeymoon time in privacy.  Where possible ensure your accommodation is separate from the rest of the party, perhaps a room on a separate floor or even a private house or villa. Make this area out of bounds to the rest of the wedding party.

Plan for the Weather

Coordinate with your wedding planner to formulate a bad weather plan, whether that’s moving the ceremony inside or providing every guest with an umbrella, a plan B is essential. In a hot climate, it is also essential to consider the effects of the sun and heat. Ensure you provide enough shaded areas for people to relax and enjoy your wedding, provide plenty of water and refreshments to keep your guests well hydrated, ice lolly’s and pink lemonade should stop them overheating! Perhaps provide fans, hats, parasols or construct shade sails around the venue.

Dress for the Weather and Location

Consider the potential weather when planning your wedding dress and deciding on the wedding attire for your wedding party. In 35C heat, a heavy satin gown will become super hot and uncomfortable. Likewise, black tuxedos for the groomsmen would just be mean! If you’re exchanging vows outside, you may want to reconsider a long train that will easily get grass-stained or four-inch heels that will stick in the ground.

Make a Holiday of it

With our wedding venues, many couples book for a week or more, inviting along all or most of their guests for this time. Turning a day of celebration into a weeklong holiday will more than likely suit everyone!

For an informal chat about your wedding or if you would like to know more about our wedding venues in Spain, please do not hesitate in contacting me, please EMAIL me here. To find out more about our Wedding Planning Services  Click here.

If you have any more questions about getting married in Spain, please get in touch.



A Colourful Hacienda Wedding in Seville

Hello! It has been a while since we posted as we’ve been so busy planning weddings with our couples, but we wanted to share this stunning colourful hacienda wedding from this time last year.

We love working with truly international and fun-loving couples like Kayley and Stephen. Kayley is from Texas and Stephen is from Ireland. The pair were living in Israel, so they wanted a truly unique wedding in a neutral place to bring their families together. These two world travellers brought the next chapter of their story to Seville in Spain, where they came to us for help. They wanted an outdoor wedding with a bright colour scheme, elements of Spanish culture and a relaxed but elegant vibe. We really enjoyed crafting their wedding from the ground up.

The Hacienda de Oran was the perfect setting, with its 17th Century architecture, palm grove patios and climbing bougainvillea framing their ceremony. It also had the rustic, elegant feel they wanted to match their laid-back and colourful style. Many key Spanish elements featured in their wedding such as a delicious Iberian meat spread, authentic tapas dishes and even a Spanish horse show, with the horses dancing to flamenco. That was definitely a highlight of the day for the couple, the guests and for us!

Designing this bohemian wedding was a joy, with the bold colour scheme of pink, peach, a touch of navy blue and white. We also wanted to mix in personal details so that Kayley and Stephen’s wedding was a reflection of them. To get guests involved in the day, we created a “Design your own Confetti” table with a mix of lavender, mint, rosemary and pink rose petals which matched the colour scheme as well as smelling great. The bride chose a dusky grey for her bridesmaids and the groom chose navy blue for the suits which popped against the bold colours of the pink and peach.

During the reception, the couple chose gold terrarium flower pots to dress the poseur tables and plenty of foliage to tie into the theme. For their outdoor meal, they opted for a long table with a foliage table runner, pops of colourful flowers and tapered white dinner candles to create a romantic, intimate scene under the twinkling festoon lights in the trees. The floral stationery design for the menus also added to the overall look.

What we love the most about this wedding was the romance of it all. It was beautiful to see Kayley and Stephen tie the knot, with their friends and family travelling from different continents to celebrate with them. We are honoured that Kayley and Stephen chose us to plan, design and execute their wedding. Another wonderful wedding by The Boutique Wedding Co.

Thank you to Radka Horvath  Photography for the lovely photos.



Rustic Luxe Orange and Olive inspired wedding

August last year we hosted one of the sweetest weddings of the season. Surrounded by beautiful lush green gardens, ancient trees and tropical plants, Alice found her prince charming , Hugo.

There is something sweet and special when two people get married in their 20’s. Their innocence, their pure and unspoiled love, their sincerity to each other showing in their eyes. Somehow you feel lucky to be the witness of a natural spectacle  bringing together two soulmates, like a pure act of nature. Two parts that were independent become one indivisible part. Just like magic, they have found the way to be together, as it was always meant to be.

Hugo is full of life and always ready to smile and have fun. Alice is her witness and lucky companion. With him she becomes “a powerful sorceress”, able to make magic happens and transform reality into paradise.

Alice and Hugo had dreamed of a Wedding that incorporated many Spanish feeling elements, they wanted colour and passion, a night full of surprises for their guests, laughter love and dancing!!! 

Lucy worked closely with the florist to create a very wild and organic look. Alice wanted to incorporate orange, olive and many local flowers to Andalusia. 

The wedding was an explosion of good energy. Everyone from every age was contagious with good spirits. The final blast was the party which was great, full of falling stars as well.

Thank you guys for allowing us to be part of it. Thank you Hugo and Thank you Alice.

Here is what they had to say! 

Lucy and Jesus arranged our wedding at Cortijo El Esparragal near Seville in August last year. We had a pretty specific vision for the wedding day and this was delivered just as we wanted – it really was a fantastic day! Lucy and Jesus acted as the point of contact between us and the owner of the venue which was extremely helpful given that we didn’t speak Spanish and were worrying about the small details of our wedding and 5 day stay at the venue. A few months before the wedding we had a lovely tasting session at the venue which Lucy and Jesus also arranged. Overall we would definitely recommend!

Thank you to the wonderful Eloy Munoz Photography for the fabulous images! 


A Colourful Spanish Mountain Wedding

Christina and Kevin’s had dreamed  of a Colourful Spanish Mountain Wedding! Fuente Del Sol in Malaga made the perfect backdrop for their dream day. With epic breathtaking views all the way to Malaga and the sea, they were sure their guests would be wowed!!

Christina’s wedding vision was colourful and fun, the flowers were bright and so beautiful, mixed in with decor elements with a rustic vibe, the wedding had a modern feel!

Family and Friends travelled to Spain from all around the world to celebrate across 3 days! All staying at this fabulous venue. Here they could enjoy a choice of 2 pools and the Spa, in between the wedding welcome Paella and wedding day and of course relaxing in the sunshine!

Here is what Christina and Kevin had to say

Our Wedding Day in Spain was honestly the best day of our lives, and so much of that is down to Lucy and Jesus – they planned a day that absolutely catered to our personalities and which completely surpassed our expectations. The decision of who to choose as a wedding planner is possibly the most important decision you’ll make when planning a wedding abroad, however it was probably one of our easiest! After our first consultation with Lucy, we felt very assured that she knew exactly what we wanted and how to make it happen. She really took the time, not only to understand what we wanted for our wedding, but also to understand who we were as people, what we were like as a couple and about out tastes generally. During the planning process, they really did go over and above to make sure every detail was just as we wanted it. They also have an extensive network of people who they trust and enjoy working with. Everyone involved in our wedding was fantastic and had only good things to say about working with Lucy and Jesus. Lucy was also great when it came to styling ideas, and we really valued her opinion on aspects which we hadn’t even considered! The day itself was beautifully relaxed and just perfect for us. It went so smoothly, however we knew that this was no accident and that Lucy and Jesus were working so hard behind the scenes. So many of our guests commented on how great and approachable our planners were, and we genuinely felt very lucky to have them on board. We would absolutely recommend The Boutique Wedding Co. to anyone wanting to get married in the beautiful Andalucia region. Lucy and Jesus both work so hard and have so much dedication to what they do. They’re great people, always enthusiastic and positive, and as well as making sure you have a great time on your Wedding Day, they will also endeavour to make the planning process enjoyable and stress-free too! Thank you both so so much!

Thank you so much to Radka Horvath for the amazing Images.



Modern Organic Spanish Cortijo Wedding

I am so proud to present this beautiful Modern Organic Spanish Cortijo Wedding! 2018 has been an epic year of weddings for us so far! We have broadened our network and have some fabulous images to showcase from a wider variety of Wedding Photographers! Every wedding that we Plan and Design is created with our Bride and Grooms, ultimately the look and style of the Wedding is down to them, we are simply there to inspire, encourage, carry out the research, be the designer and the creative hands that bring their dreams to life.

Sometimes our Brides and Grooms like similar styles but ultimately every wedding is designed to be personal and unique to them as a couple! This is how we work and this is what we love to do! Each Wedding is the signature personality of each one of our brides and grooms!

So to start of the year we worked on a beautiful modern organic Spanish Cortijo Wedding with Becky and Ben and oh yes, wasn’t it a day to remember for eternity!! Ben and  Becky were a joy to work with, we planned for 18 months, finally working on the design of their wedding at the start of this year. Bringing all of their super cool ideas together on the day was so much fun and the results were just fabulous! Thank you to Serafin Castillo for capturing the Wedding so perfectly!