How to Find your Dream Wedding Venue

Despite the Covid situation, it’s a super busy time for weddings. So I thought I would help you all out with some tips for finding yourselves a Wedding Venue! Of course we can offer this service and take the hassle out of eh hunt! But for those of you that are great organisers, speak the language and love a big challenge, this should help you!

Wedding Venue Search

Its a complicated business finding the dream wedding venue for your Wedding. To make the process easier for you we have put together some tips, advice and recommended questions you need to be asking. You don’t want to arrive on your wedding day to find the Bridal Suite resembles a cupboard, rather than a luxurious suite and there is no room for you and your bridesmaids to get ready together or find that actually, Fireworks are not allowed at the venue so you have wasted £1,000 for nothing !

Careful forward planning is what will make your special day into your absolutely perfect day, so if you don’t have a wedding planner to ask the questions for you, take along our tip sheet!

Have fun searching!!

Wedding Venue Questions

Here are examples of questions you should be asking:

Does the wedding venue have any sound restrictions? What time can the party end?

Is there a swimming pool?

Are you able to hold both the Ceremony and Reception at the venue?

Is there a chance to hold your ceremony outside?

Can you have the dinner and dancing outside?

What is the venue capacity for both the ceremony and dinner?

Does the venue have preferred wedding suppliers? or can you bring in your own suppliers?

What is included in the hire price? (Catering, Accommodation, Decoration etc)

Does the Venue have any natural shade?

If the Venue has its own caterers, will the price include a tasting? Can they send you menus? If not, do they have preferred caterers?

Are the catering services flexible to my individual needs? (Hog roasts, BBQs, mediterranean mezze, formal dining, Moroccan feast, street food?)

How many weddings do they host in one day, one week and one year? (this helps you understand if they are a factory style venue- this can be the difference between being cared for and being just a number!)

Is it possible to hire the venue exclusively?

**Must do**

Ensure you are happy with the whole venue, inside and out. See all rooms and garden space, that you will be using and ensure each one suits your wedding style perfectly!

Wedding Venue Logistics

What time will check in be and where will your guests go during the waiting time?

What is the policy for children attending?

Do they have an approved taxi or minibus contacts?

What is the closest city/town/village? (If you find yourself out in the campo!)

Is there local transport available?

Are there any local events happening on the date of your wedding?

Is there ample parking for your guests?

Are there good hotels and accommodation close by?

What is the distance from the closest airport?

What information does the venue need from your suppliers who will be working on site? (Public Liability Insurance?)

**Must do**

Get to know the local area. If you have guests travelling from a far, you will need to supply them with a range of affordable accommodation options and instructions for getting around, collate a list of suitable eateries and perhaps some fun activities too!

Wedding Accommodation

Does the venue have accommodation available- if so what is the capacity?

What is the minimum nights stay?

What is the price for 1 night? Will they be able to offer discounts for rooms to the wedding party?

If they do not have accommodation to offer, are they able to recommend accommodation close by?

Is it possible to stay for extra days before or after your wedding?

**Must do**

Always see the rooms that you and your guests will be taking. Most likely, you and your bridesmaids will use your room to get ready and your photographer will be taking photos. So, ensure it has light, space an essential full length mirror and of course that it is utterly gorgeous! Especially if it is to be your Bridal Suite!

Planning the Details

Are you able to bring in your own Wedding Planner or Stylist?

If getting married in the gardens, will they allow flowers petals to be scattered around?

What type of confetti is acceptable?

Are lit candles allowed in the venue or in the gardens?

Is it possible to decorate the gardens trees with lights?

Does the venue have a noise limiter fitted or can you turn the music all the way up?

Are fireworks allowed at the venue?

Are you allowed sparklers at your wedding?

**Must Do**

Ask to see previous weddings held at the venue, if you are going ‘sans’ wedding planner, be very wary of the styling of the previous weddings! My personal fear is chair covers! Ensure you make note of any styling that doesn’t fit your wedding style and ensure you specifically discuss not using this at your wedding!

Indoor or outside

Does the venue have a wedding weather contingency in place?

Is there an option to get married outside?

Marquees – do they have a recommended supplier or can you hire your own?

If your venue has gardens what will be in flower at the time of year for your wedding? Ask to see photos so you can visualise, especially if you are visiting out of season.

**Must do**

Enjoy your boutique wedding venue search, its a great opportunity to get to know the area you’re getting married in and a good excuse for some lovely lunches out and about!

Check with your venue that you are able to specify the type of Marquee you choose. Perhaps you have your heart set on an Arabian Tent, a Yurt or a Tipi! Ask the Marquee company if there is a possibility to see the Marquee up before the big day. Perhaps at your venue if they have a booking there or even another venue!


Don’t get stuck with an unexpected bill or being told a month before your big day that one of your key elements is not part of the policy for the venue. Take the T&C’s away with you and read carefully! No skipping pages!

Also, Go through the Venue Costs thoroughly before you sign anything or handover any money!! Ensure you understand everything that is being proposed and if anything doesn’t make sense then query it with the venue!

Prepare for your Venue Search

Create a spreadsheet of the venues you like the most-I marked my absolute favourites with ‘LOVE’ just so we were both clear!

Map the venues on google maps and work out your routes for each day, 4 in one day should be your maximum.

You will need around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half at each venue and of course travelling time to the next venue.

Call ahead and let them know you are coming, perhaps you just turn up and the key person to speak to is not there, you do not want a wasted journey!

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