Elopement by the Ocean

Imagine that one day you marry the love of your life in a remote mysterious place…

There is no family, no friends, no distractions. Just you and him and love.

It is a bit insane but this feeling you both have for each other is a bit like that too. So, no need for being reasonable. Instead you follow your inner voice and elope just by the ocean.

A lost village at the south of a lost country, in a different continent you’ve never been to before. Too many flights to keep track of how you got here.

Nobody can find you. That’s the key. It is going to be your secret.

Everything feels new to you but old at the same time. Buildings, smells, nature… Nothing resembles with anything from back home.  Your day to day life seems so remote. Is this really happening? Is it a dream? Or is this reality and back home only a dream who has going on for too long?

The truth is you don’t care. It feels right being and doing what you are doing. For first time in your life you feel so alive!

Surrounded by the most unfamiliar beauty, a white village brought out from a fairy tale, a ceremony by a cliff, red rocks and red sand, an immense blue sky, and an infinite blue ocean who stands in front of you both as a witness. This is really crazy! But it is happening.

You tell him all the things you’ve waiting all your life to tell someone. He kisses you and time stops in his arms whilst you both watch the sunset.

It is a secret you both share together. A memory that will be with you till the end.

I wish I could have been them. Moments like that make life worth living.

I leave you with Sarah and Javier feedback – such a great choice for our wedding in Spain. They planned our elopement perfectly, and it was everything we imagined it would be! The Communication and the organisation is very thorough and they are great at what they do! Thanks!

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