Nicole and Johns Heart Felt Thank You note is so adorable that we thought it is worthy of its own Blog Post!  Nicole and John contacted us around 16 months ago, we worked closely with them for over a year to bring to life their dream day. The only difference was, we never met in person and they had never been to Malaga or seen the Venue we had selected for them. This whole experience required a huge amount of trust, reassurance and Friendship built via Skype. Please read below the kindest words from Nicole and John, obviously I felt very emotional reading this. We are very lucky to love our work so much and to work with clients that can touch our hearts so much!

Dearest Lucy,

I hope you are both well and crushing the rest of this wedding season!  I just wanted to reach out with an true letter of thanks for all you did for us on what was the best day of both our lives.  It was beyond magical and carried us higher than we could even dream.  Every single person walked away from our wedding saying it was the best wedding they’d ever been to because of you and Jesus’ tireless work and commitment.  I could never thank you enough for crafting the most important and perfect day of our lives, it truly was everything we hoped for.

Below I have written a review for you to use on our experience with The Boutique Wedding Co.  I’m happy to post it to facebook/tripadvisor/any other blog, website or social media you would like.

Eloy Munoz Photography

Eloy Munoz Photography

From Nicole and John…

My husband and I were married in Malaga, Spain in late May of 2016 and hired The Boutique Wedding Co. as our international coordinators approximately one year prior.  I do not know where to begin or how to describe my experience with Lucy and Jesus (founders and primary coordinators).  I am not one to typically write reviews, but with Lucy I find myself wishing there was something even more I could do to honor her hard work and dedication to our day.  5 stars doesn’t adequately reflect the passion and commitment she shows her clients.  Below I’ve given a few of hundreds of reasons why the Boutique Wedding Company should be the first choice for any bride looking to get married in Spain:

1) The Planning

To be completely honest, I’d be shocked if you didn’t hire Lucy after a single skype interview; it takes one call to fall completely in love with her!  She is genuinely sweet, professional, and has this wonderful energy and fervor when she talks about what she does.  It is immediately apparent that she loves working in weddings and wants her brides to feel the same.  From the beginning, my husband and I felt very comfortable with Lucy.  She made us feel absolutely confident in her ability to structure and organize what felt like an overwhelming barrage of details and considerations by creating detailed spreadsheets and breakdowns of what to expect in the months to come.  She provided up-to-date budgeting lists and kept track of all deposits and monies to be paid.

Living in the U.S. and attempting to plan a wedding in Spain is daunting to say the least.  I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to find a planner willing or able to accommodate time differences, venue searches and tastings over email, and then there’s a trust factor of “will I actually get what I think I’m getting based on photos alone?”.  With Lucy, this was a complete non-issue.  She was up early and stayed up late to accommodate important calls; giving an incredible amount of her free time to be open and flexible with our schedules.  Every email was responded to promptly and as completely as possible.  There was never a moment where we doubted her suggestions or worried we were getting taken advantage of.  In fact, every great decision made for our wedding was her suggestion!  Our photographers, band, venues, transportation, entertainment, everything she recommended in those decision making processes ended up being the absolute best choice for what we wanted.

It was beyond impressive to see the dedication and commitment Lucy had to us for over a year!  Countless skype calls, emails and pinterest pins and she never once appeared or acted annoyed, bothered or disinterested.  She was so enthusiastic throughout the entire process, even my husband was getting excited talking about table settings!  Looking back, Lucy took all the anxiety, fear and stress out of the planning process. Conversations were fun and became one of the highlights of our weekends–we would even have little champagne brunches after to celebrate another great call.  I can honestly say that thanks to Lucy, I absolutely enjoyed and will miss planning my wedding, something every bride wants to think after her wedding but rarely does!

2) Styling & Decor

This is a biggie to me as I work in a similar field to event planning and design and have admittedly unrealistic expectations as far as aesthetic goes.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and went into this wedding wanting it to be an effortlessly romantic, organic wedding with the perfect Spanish backdrop.  Again, this was challenging given the abundance of beauty in Spain and the added worry of international planning.  I didn’t know if anyone in Spain would have the eye for what I was wanting or be able to execute my vision at the level I was really looking for.  And once again, this was a complete non-issue with Lucy.  From her site and blog alone, it is obvious her taste and ability to digest inspiration is impeccable.  We immediately found our venue in her website suggestions and things started falling into place easily after that.

Lucy has such an elevated aesthetic and knows all the current trends for event styling and decor; she was un-phased by even the craziest suggestions and had ideas for our every whim, never saying something wasn’t possible without offering a solution.  She is crafty and works with everything and anything at her disposal.  She will scour hundreds of pins and work with you as much as you want in every detail and decision until you feel 100% confident.  I was very impressed with her ability to navigate the intricacies of Spain and our expectations coming from the U.S. where we have hundreds of blogs devoted to any and every kind of wedding imaginable.  Ingenuity and creativity are her strengths for sure and she will be the first to admit that; even at the expense of her own time!

I will never forget the feeling of walking through my wedding reception after our ceremony and seeing everything we’d dreamed up and been inspired to do come to life in the most magical way possible.  Nothing was half done, nothing was missing; every sign and light and flower was exactly as we’d planned.  Even details I couldn’t imagine were there!  We had a Moroccan chill out area with a projector of old black and white movies–she brought in wrapped blankets with notes for guests to use them.  There was a color we had to drop from the scheme because it was difficult to source; surprise, surprise, on the day of the wedding there it was in small tea light vases and decor pieces scattered throughout the reception!  Surprise and delight are the best adjectives to describe the way we felt walking away from a wedding we expected to be amazing–it was truly beyond what we even asked for.

3) The Experience

This is where Lucy and Jesus really shine.  The wedding planning is fun, the execution is amazing and the result is a dream.  However, as far as service, flexibility and overall customer experience–I can’t imagine any wedding planning company being better than The Boutique Wedding Co.  My husband and I went into this experience really wanting to listen to our gut and while this could have led to utter disaster, hiring Lucy made that an impossibility.  She and Jesus are unique in their field in so many ways and are able to offer an intimate, curated experience.  They take the time to really get to know you and your lives together; they appreciate what’s unique and special in each couple and cater themselves completely to that couple’s needs.  There are hiccups and road blocks in every wedding but Lucy would do everything in her power to protect our experience.  She maneuvered and fought for the bigs and found the perfect compromises for the smalls.  If we felt concerned, cautious or couldn’t make a decision, she would set up a call and leave us wondering what we were ever worried about!

All in all,my husband and I along with every guest in attendance walked away knowing we’d experienced something truly amazing with memories that would last a lifetime and we have Lucy and The Boutique Wedding Co. to thank for it.  Thank you Lucy and Jesus (and team) for your countless hours, emails, calls and hard work; you gave us a magical experience that will carry us through a lifetime together!

I hope this shows in some small way how much we adore you Lucy.  We are here for anything and everything you ever need–please count us as friends and know we will be back within the next few years!

Thank you to John and Nicole for taking the time to thank us in such an incredible way! We give our heart and soul to our clients across the year and on the Wedding days and a thanks like this makes all that hard work so very worth it!

We will so miss our monthly Skype calls with you!

Lucy and Jesus xxx

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