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How is Crisis Impacting My Wedding Plans?

With the recent news form Donald Trump that all flights from the US to Europe (the exception of the UK) are to be suspended until the 13th April due to the Corona Virus, I thought it was time to update you on how this could impact on your wedding plans.

First of all, I think it is important to highlight that the isolation, quarantine, cancellation of flights and travel is all to stop this Corona Virus from spreading further, so it is for our own good. They expect the spread of the Corona Virus to be very widespread but are trying to limit the amount of people infected at one time so that hospital and doctors can cope and ensure people can get the care they need. Of course this is causing anxiety for everyone the world over! Whether you are a Wedding Client who has invested thousands in your Wedding or a Wedding business owner this is going to affect you. So let’s run through a few points to help clarify the situation and help ourselves to understand without panic and fear and be here to support each other!

Don’t be alarmed by the term Quarantine, lock down and self-isolation

In most cases Quarantine is referring to Self- Isolation in your own home. If you hear that a country is on lock-down, don’t be alarmed, yes its scary but remember it is because they are trying to limit the spread of the Corona Virus any further and this is good for all of us! We don’t want it to spread more!

Stay up to date

In order to ensure that you are fully aware of the situation as it changes, stay up to date via your own governments website and with your airline. Try not to over-consume the ‘media’ as this will stress you out! It does me!! As I mention above, the main aim of limiting travel, is to ‘contain’ the Corona Virus. If your local government is still allowing travel to other countries, they may ask you to self-isolate for 2 weeks afterwards at home.

Can my Wedding go ahead

Most April Weddings are being postponed till later in the year or 2021. With May and June Weddings we are still waiting to see how this situation pans out. Trump has stalled flights for 30 days for now. Within a few weeks we will start to see how this could affect May Weddings and at which time we can make decisions. To panic now and move your wedding might well be for nothing, as things could be resolved by then and the flights could still go ahead. It is still 10 weeks until my First wedding of the year so we are holding out and praying that the spread of the virus slows enough for life to get back to usual.

What if I want to cancel or move my Wedding

If you wedding is from May onward, At this stage we still do not know if your wedding can go ahead or not. Often deposits are non refundable in the event of a cancellation but can be moved to another later date within a year of your original wedding date if the suppliers are available. To move your wedding, will be possible, but flexibility on dates would be required and this will have cost implications for all of those that had planned to travel. If you Wedding is later in the year, it is likely that it will be absolutely fine!

Does my Wedding Insurance cover me?

You need to speak to your individual insurance provider to see how you are covered in this situation. All wedding insurance companies have for now, stopped issuing polices.

Should I still plan my Wedding for 2021 or 2022?

This is a truly unique situation, the modern world has not see anything like this before so we are all feeling the fear!  However, if the situation in China can be a guide for us, the disease cases have now started to dissipate which means the panic and spread should slow across Europe and the US well in advance of 2021. You may be afraid and having second thoughts about continuing with your wedding plans for 2021 but, the truth is that you now need to move faster and ensure you get your wedding Venue booked sooner, to avoid disappointment with availability. With many early 2020 weddings moving to 2021, there is even more reason to get started early as 2021 will now have a much greater demand!

Let’s all work to help this disease pass sooner

So let’s be the intelligent ones here, there are some basic things we can do to help this all be over faster! Self-isolate where possible to avoid infection and spread of the virus. If you are told you cant go to the office, don’t then go and see friends or go to the pub! I don’t need to tell you to wash your hands and not to tough your face, cough into your elbow as you already know this by now! We need to stop the spread of this Virus by slowing down our lives a little and limiting contact with others. Perhaps this isn’t the time to be out socialising all the time in clubs and bars! (sorry bar and restaurant owners!) We should leave space between us and other people when we are out and about. No kissing and hugging for greetings (this is a tough one in Spain) Essentially we need to take care! Maybe we are not in a risk group, but we all have loved ones who are.

Take care and if you have any questions, please do let me know!

Disclaimer- The opinions in this Blog are mine only, merely based on my observations relating, particularly, to the destination wedding industry. For professional knowledge and advice with regards to insurance policies, flights and your home situation please consult your government website.

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