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It’s Not Always Love and Roses

It would be suffice to say that 2020 has been a year like no other for the wedding industry. The situation throwing challenge after challenge at wedding couples and wedding professionals alike! It’s not always love and roses in the wedding Business!

I have to be completely honest, it’s been seriously hard! As a wedding planner my role is to help and protect my wedding couples as much as possible, ensure they have the best experience. This year that has been a challenge!

We are lucky, ‘most’ of our weddings have moved to 2021. We have only ‘lost’ one wedding. For some the challenge of waiting another 12 months to marry was just too much. Others have invested way to much to lose it! Either way, for our lovely brides and grooms the decisions have been really tough.

We are now on to our re-postponements and its been a really tough ride. No-one wants to make that decision. But honestly, as the wedding planner, I’ve had to be responsible and say it’s just not realistic this year. It’s been heartbreaking to see their dreams pushed back and then pushed back again!

If anyone is really feeling the stress and strains, struggling to cope with anxiety or money worries that are coming up around this. I have been working with a Bridal Coach to support my Wedding Clients! Beverly Futia, Is a certified NLP specialist and is coaching brides and grooms through these difficult times, You can find Bev here Wedded Bliss Coaching.

When I started my wedding business in 2014, I worked insanely hard. The first 2 years was all about investment of our time and finances to make sure we had the best product out there. The years that followed were about ensuring we had a strong sustainable business. But what is sustainable when a world crisis hits?

Never in my craziest nightmares could I have foreseen the destruction that 2020 has left in the wedding industry. Most have now been without an income since last summer. Weddings are seasonal, so that we are mostly earning for 6 months of the year! This can make things complicated.

As it’s well known our industry has been pretty much denied any government support. There is no furlough, no 80% or 60% of your pay- it’s 0%.

Most of the people work as self employed, they cannot even claim any sort of unemployment benefits. There insurances they pay have not covered them. Many people have been forced to down size their homes, or move in with family. Giving up all they have worked so hard to achieve. Some have taken regular jobs, stacking shelves, working in bars, pretty much anything they can get.

The other challenge is, although everyone has lost the Weddings and income to next year, they are still having to work this year. Dealing with the postponements and the re-postponements, issuing new contracts. Dealing with requests to pay back booking fees they received 12 months or 18 months ago. The nightmare of losing the weddings does not stop there.

It has been a socially and mentally challenging time for so many people across the globe! Some industries hit harder than others. In the Wedding world, it just feels like one hit after another, having to compromise over and over, having to sacrifice again and again and lose everything you had.

Only those with year of savings in the bank are surviving and let’s be honest how many lucky people have that? It’s tough times so being extra compassionate and kind right now is more important than ever.

As well as spending time helping my wedding couples to move weddings and book new weddings for 2021 and 2022 I have also been supporting other wedding professionals. Helping them stay motivated, stopping them, from giving it all up and showing them other ways they can use their amazing talents and skills they have to make money in other ways! If you are a Wedding Professional needing assistance you can find me here Wedding Coaching Corner. It’s a wonderful and supportive, community of action taking wedding people who will not let Covid-19 beat them.

If you are a bride or a groom or a wedding professional and you are struggling with the challenges of the past 5 months then please do not hesitate to reach out to me for support!

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