Meet The Boutique Team

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 The Boutique Wedding Co. was born out of our desire to offer Wedding couples a truly personalised wedding service. A service that’s focus was bespoke, stylish and unique to each bride and groom. We wanted our clients to feel individual, special and above all listened too. The dream was to create weddings that were utterly beautiful, weddings that would amaze people, weddings to remember for eternity!

Meet Lucy the Director of Wedding Planning & Design

Lucy’s love of planning & designing weddings is inspired by her passion for decor, design and creativity. In preparation for launching the business, Lucy studied a Diploma in Wedding Planning, Design and Styling.  Though Lucy’s career in Weddings started much earlier back in 2006 as a Wedding Photographer, shooting Weddings in the UK for a total of 7 years.

She had always been a creative soul, drawing, learning calligraphy, taking photos, making clothes or restoring furniture and decorating. From the early days of her career she desired a creative outlet, so studied Wedding Photography and began to shoot weddings and fashion Events.  This was alongside a full time job in Advertising and Events and for years this was her means to maintain her creativity in a role that demanded her to be highly organised, a charming client manager, good with numbers and exceedingly strategic.

In search of a more fulfilling existence, Lucy and Jesus planned their move back to Spain. Having an element of creativity in their life was essential and Lucy´s desire to work in weddings had not faded. Combining all of their skills, qualities, passions and dreams was the key. Creating a business planning weddings just made clear sense! So here they are today, full-filling their dream of planning weddings and the dreams of their wedding couples too!

As the Co-Founder of The Boutique Wedding Co. Lucy manages all of the key wedding planning, design and styling for our weddings. Working with a truly international client base, her speciality is tailoring each wedding to an individual couples unique culture, personality and taste. Along with the boutique team, Lucy enjoys the challenge to always design and create each wedding, totally unique from the previous ones! Injecting each couples personality and style is her passion!

wedding planners seville photography by J & R Photography

Meet Jesus the Director of Logistics

Jesus grew up in Andalucia. He has a passion for travel, learning and absorbing new cultures.  He always had a desire to see the world and learn languages, so at the age of 25, he packed his bags and headed off to Edinburgh! After 15 years in the UK, with an English university education and a London career under his belt he returned to his homeland.

Determined not to lose his connection with the previous 15 years, we agreed that our business should have an international client base. Jesus loves working with our clients from across Europe from Belgium, Holland and the Nordic Countries to the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Dubai! Each culture has it´s uniqueness and individuality! Both of us love that each of the Weddings we help to organise is completely different. Working with each wedding couple brings a fresh experience. For Jesus, being able to share his knowledge and experience of Andalucia and Spain is so gratifying. We both love our client´s enthusiasm for what we do and it is so fulfilling to see the results of our work, making our clients and their guests happy.

Jesus is our Director of Logistics and manages Supplier and Venue relationships, ensuring they are delivering to the highest standards for your wedding here in Spain. He is highly responsible, organised and has acute attention to detail, but maintains his Andalucian passion for life! Fluent in both Spanish and English, Jesus is integral to their business, adding his knowledge of Spanish life and culture. He will be working on your wedding planning alongside Lucy and will be on site on your wedding day to manage suppliers and the set up of your wedding dreamland!

If you have any questions about the services we offer or you would just like an informal chat about your boutique wedding planning and design then please feel free to CONTACT US.

wedding planners seville

Photography- J&R Photography