A Mid-Summer Nights Dream- Nicole and John

Each  Wedding couple that we work with  brings a different experience, we love this variety in our work!  John and Nicole came all the way from Washington DC for their magical midsummer nights dream styled Wedding in Spain! I love working with an international clientele and when we began wedding planning for John and Nicole, I knew they would be our perfect couple! They were both so passionate about Spain, super sure about everything they wanted and with a huge amount of style. It was such an exciting journey together! From thousands of miles away we began their Wedding venue search. John and Nicole had not planned to visit prior to their Wedding day, so they would be putting their trust in us to find their dream wedding venue. We talked in detail about what would make the perfect wedding venue for them, atmosphere, style, location, key elements that it must have and I presented them with a selection of ideas that I felt would match their vision.  It didn’t take long for John and Nicole to decide and find their dream wedding venue.; Castillo Santa Catalina, just at the edge of Malaga! Once John and Nicole’s Wedding venue was in place we started to pull together all of the other elements that would make their wedding day magical!

The look and Style of their wedding was extremely important to them, Nicole had a very strong idea of what she wanted and had prepared me a fantastic briefing document. We worked together to create ideas for the look and style of their wedding., with a strong focus to be on lighting and atmosphere. Castillo Santa Catalina is a stunning venue but with additional ambience lighting and fairy lights, it becomes a truly magical place! John and Nicole’s Mid-summer nights dream vision came to life perfectly, charming and delighting their guests at each moment of their wedding day!

 Thank you to Eloy Muñoz Photography for the wonderful images! If you would like to know more about arranging your wedding in Spain please do not hesitate to Contact us. 

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