Secret Elopement in Vejer de la Frontera

Today for the first time I (Jesus) am really proud to be sharing with you one of our lovely Real Wedding Stories- A Secret Elopement in Vejer De La Frontera.

Nicole and Marco´s Story

I still remember the morning in Vejer de la Frontera, when we first met our lovely couple, Nicole and Marco. It was a typical summers day in the picturesque white village of Vejer de la Frontera, south of Andalucia. The sun was immense in the sky, the fresh breeze of the early hours had transformed into a warmer atmosphere, preparing us for the imminent meeting. I was enjoying a nice cup of coffee at my favourite terrace bar named Peneque, completely unaware of who I was about to meet or what impact they would have on me, when they drove past with their cute little rental car. They had made it all the way from The Big Apple to the very centre of this remote village in Cadiz. And they had never ever been here before!

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To hear their story please view this amazing wedding film by Evergreen Films

A Special Couple

Travelling all the way form New York City via Iceland and Portugal, they had brought with them, happiness  and free smiles for everyone. From the moment we said ´Hi´, we new they were truly special, but it is now I look back in time and I can honestly  say they were more than special. They were the type of people who change the way you feel and bless you with their presence! Vejer was going to be privileged for the next two days to experience the  harmony and kindness of Nicole and Marco. Everyone who crossed their way felt enchanted to be part of, at least for a moment, a remarkable love story. Lucy and I, felt especially grateful and thankful.

True Love and the August Feria!

The story began two weeks before when we were contacted by Nicole. The brief was clear, two human beings, wanted to proclaim their love to each other in a remote unknown place to them surrounded by beauty and nature.

The wedding date was going to be a challenge as it was August, the busiest time of the year for tourism in Andalucia. It was also the Vejer annual feria!  So in other words, everything was going to be packed with people, hotels sold out, no parking. And that was not all, we had to plan and organize everything in just two weeks!!! When most of wedding professionals were either booked or escaping the heat by a pool. That was a real challenge.


Our plans started to take shape very quickly. We cancelled our holidays and started the planning right away. Soon we had on board many of our favourite and most loyal suppliers ( all listed below) who were so excited to be working on this exceptional and unique project. We knew that with hard work and this couple’s karma on our side, what seemed impossible could actually happen miraculously .

Next we arranged the accommodation. We were very lucky that a friend of ours, had recently opened their own boutique hotel in Vejer de la Frontera, Casa Shelly. He had expected to be full functioning at the beginning of the season, but as many times happens here in Spain, he was only able to open his lovely hotel at the start of August. Luckily for us not only we had a room for our couple, but also a brand new hotel for them to feel special and to add style to this wedding preparations.


Lucy had arranged that the ceremony was to take place on top of a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean, blue and wild. Surrounded by a natural reserve of wilderness, we had found them the most remote spot on the Costa De La Luz. This was mine and Lucy´s favourite location that we knew they would love too! A unique spot where I can guarantee no-one had ever been Wed before Nicole and Marco´s special day.  The only problem was the Levante.  The strong wind that blows from the east in Cadiz and that ruins many peoples holiday´s, had been blowing for 7 days non stop, but providentially disappeared the morning of the wedding, just like some sort of magic.

The Wedding Meal

We wanted to create a wedding meal that was so special and that they could remember for ever! With every restaurant and catering booked out for weeks in advance, we began the hunt for a private space, exclusive, unique and unobtainable by others!  Through our friendship, we managed to bring on board highly acclaimed chef, Annie B to cook specially for our couple at her private roof terrace with the most amazing views of Vejer de la Frontera. This was a dream come true!  Together we worked with Annie to create a very special menu, full of local delicacies that Nicole and Marco would remember forever! The roof terrace was already beautiful with the view of the ancient village and the sparkly lights of Africa in the distance, but we made it even more special. We lit candles and decorated with fairy lights and pretty flowers. It was simple styling but it worked perfectly for them.

A Celebratory Ending

The Wedding day would not have even happened with out our team, Ana to fix Nicole’s dress that she had bought in a rush leaving New York, Elske and Toni at Casa La Siesta  for the amazing flowers, Laura for making our bride look so beautiful with her excellent hair and make up skills, our  lovely minster Kurt who also serenaded the couple with Spanish Guitar music at interludes during their very emotional ceremony. Aleks and Eloy captured everything with the most spectacular imagery and Salvador has all of that emotion locked in to his Video! A special thank you to Eloy and Aleks for allowing us to use there wonderful Images on our Blog today!

So that’s how the magic of love made possible this Elopement. The same energy of the universe that concentrates at one single point in time, in place, in spirit,… when two stars get together, and become one single light in the night sky. And we, Lucy and I, and the people who work with us, were so lucky to be there witnessing such miracle of nature… Nicole and Marcos love. We will remember this day for ever like it was our own Wedding day!

Our Team

Preparation Venue- Casa Shelly 

Wedding Location- Las Calas de Conil, Andaluica, Spain

Wedding Celebrant- Kurt Kettner-Borough

Spanish Guitar- Kurt Kettner- Borough 

Photographers- Eloy Muñoz and Aleksandra Foit from Eloy Muñoz Photography

Florals- Toni and Elske at  Casa La Siesta 

Hair and Make Up- Laura McIntosh

Dress Adjustments- Anna – Vejer

Videographers- Evergreen´s Salvador Blanco- from Evergreen Video Malaga

Wedding Dinner location and Chef- Anne from Annie B´s Kitchen

Styling and Design- Lucy Bennett of The Boutique Wedding Co.-

A huge thank you to the amazing team involved in bringing to life Nicole and Marco´s dream elopement, it could not have happened without you!

And if you haven´t had enough of Nicole and Marco, Here´s a beautiful Slideshow of the still images!

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