Outdoor Malaga Wedding

When someone asks us to plan a wedding for them, it’s really a privilege.

I am not going to lie. It is a lot of work as well. Lot’s to plan, discuss and then carry out. You are busy with emails, chats, and meetings. And then come the summer, your running from Venue to venue executing perfection!

It is very intimate invitation by two individuals to help them bring to live a crucial episode of their life together. So that is the privilege. To be chosen to carry out such personal thing.

A wedding is a project of two people. And we are just the lucky ones who make it happens. In the process we often become friends of our couples. Sometimes we keep in contact and meet again. Other times life is too complicate and move too fast to keep track of everyone you meet along the way.

Karen and Luke were a great couple that we were so lucky to have in 2018.

They both made such a great recipe together. Luke, is one of those guys, that if you have it on your life, you know you are so lucky. He carries happiness everywhere he goes. And then there is Karen. Dry humour, sharp as a knife and a grounded personality. Awesome couple. Lucy and I were so delighted to share with them a few good moments together.

And the good thing. They invited us to plan and execute their bespoke wedding. A privilege, working for friends.

From the beginning they knew exactly what they wanted. What was right and what was not. Our job consisted of findings all those elements they wanted.

Their wedding was a success. A summer day outdoor event, that made many people happy.

What else can we ask for?

Here I share with you, their last email to us.  

Hey Lucy / Jesus,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you again for making our day so great.

We loved it and are very sad it’s all over, countless people said to us it’s the best wedding they have ever been too so a big thank you for making that happen!

When you next find yourselves in London please let us know so we can take you out for a few drinks!

Luke + Kaz xxx

Sweet! I missed spending time with them. They truly made me laugh.

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