Rustic Luxe Orange and Olive inspired wedding

August last year we hosted one of the sweetest weddings of the season. Surrounded by beautiful lush green gardens, ancient trees and tropical plants, Alice found her prince charming , Hugo.

There is something sweet and special when two people get married in their 20’s. Their innocence, their pure and unspoiled love, their sincerity to each other showing in their eyes. Somehow you feel lucky to be the witness of a natural spectacle  bringing together two soulmates, like a pure act of nature. Two parts that were independent become one indivisible part. Just like magic, they have found the way to be together, as it was always meant to be.

Hugo is full of life and always ready to smile and have fun. Alice is her witness and lucky companion. With him she becomes “a powerful sorceress”, able to make magic happens and transform reality into paradise.

Alice and Hugo had dreamed of a Wedding that incorporated many Spanish feeling elements, they wanted colour and passion, a night full of surprises for their guests, laughter love and dancing!!! 

Lucy worked closely with the florist to create a very wild and organic look. Alice wanted to incorporate orange, olive and many local flowers to Andalusia. 

The wedding was an explosion of good energy. Everyone from every age was contagious with good spirits. The final blast was the party which was great, full of falling stars as well.

Thank you guys for allowing us to be part of it. Thank you Hugo and Thank you Alice.

Here is what they had to say! 

Lucy and Jesus arranged our wedding at Cortijo El Esparragal near Seville in August last year. We had a pretty specific vision for the wedding day and this was delivered just as we wanted – it really was a fantastic day! Lucy and Jesus acted as the point of contact between us and the owner of the venue which was extremely helpful given that we didn’t speak Spanish and were worrying about the small details of our wedding and 5 day stay at the venue. A few months before the wedding we had a lovely tasting session at the venue which Lucy and Jesus also arranged. Overall we would definitely recommend!

Thank you to the wonderful Eloy Munoz Photography for the fabulous images! 


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