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Shall I cancel my Plans?

The past few weeks have been a challenging time for all of us with the over exaggerated and overly publicised coverage of the Coronavirus also know as Covid-19. As an educated and pretty level headed individual, I was surprised to find myself asking Jesus (my fiance not Christ himself!) a few crazy questions about the Coronavirus, even suggesting a trip to the supermarket to ‘stock up!!’ I couldn’t understand why I had become so scared of this virus, why I was letting it raise my levels of anxiety and stop me sleeping! I have never seen anything  like this since I started to plan weddings in spain!

Well of course I do have good reason to worry, The thought of quarantine and a world wide pandemic is utterly terrifying but also o a personal level our lively hood rely’s on people travelling to Spain, rely’s on people feeling safe and happy with making that decision! Its really important, I wouldn’t want anyone of my gorgeous clients to travel if they feel uncomfortable or are afraid. So I took some time out from the Facebook feed of Coronovo Scare, turned of the BBC News (because literally every story was Coronavirus or Boris’s baby!) and got to doing some actual research.

As my panic started when the cases in Italy began, I thought I would first look at Italian figures from years past. Within seconds I had the numbers that put my mind at rest, the facts to take away that unnecessary fear. It just so happens back in 2018 in Italy they had a very serious outbreak of the Flu Virus. There were some 832,000 flu patients diagnosed between January 8-14th, according to the National Health Institute’s virus monitoring service, making a total of 3,883,000 cases since September 2017. Almost 4,000,000 out of a country with a 60,000,000 population! Now I understand the cases in Italy are high, but we are talking around 2,000 Cases, not even close to the epidemic they experienced in 2018! I understand that people have died and that is terribly tragic, but we have to get a perspective on this.

Lets start with how many people globally are infected

As of 3 March, the outbreak has affected more than 89,000 people globally, with a total death toll in excess of 3,000. In mainland China, of the 80,151 confirmed cases, over 44,000 people have recovered, and 2,943 (or 3.6%) have died. Over 125 deaths have occurred outside of China.

So What would happen if you caught Coronavirus?

As 80% of cases of the virus are mild, and 14% are moderate which means they are full recoverable. Even if you are unlucky enough to be in the 5% of critical cases, the Covid-19 virus has only a 2% mortality rate. This mortality rate drops considerably also depending on your age, if you are under 50, the mortality rate is under 0.2%.

Coronavirus in Andalucia

In the whole of Andalucia there are a total of 13 confirmed cases. All have now been diagnosed and are contained. None of these cases have been reported as being critical and there have been no deaths in the area from this virus. There are currently 8.4 million people living in Andalucia.

Lets simplify this

If you are under 50 and not living in China, then you are actually much more likely to win the lottery, which is a 1 in 45,000,000 chance than you are of actually dying from the Covid-19 virus.

So what should we do?

Honestly, I believe we need to carry on as normal where possible. Be particularly on top of our personal hygiene, washing our hands very regularly and ensuring our more vulnerable family members are kept away from anyone exhibiting cough or cold symptoms! The best preventation to catching this virus is washing your hands. Your risk of catching the virus is not increased by travelling to a different country. Millions of people travel daily, you are as likely to catch this virus in your hometown as you are in any other European city. During this outbreak I have travelled to Madrid, Miami and Mexico and did not catch the virus!

So should you cancel your wedding in Spain, or put your plans to marry abroad off?

We need to wait this out a little, see where it goes and make decisions in a month or 2 when we have  more visibility! Cases in China area already starting to drop so fingers crossed this will continue!

Already the widespread panic, fear mongering by the media and the extreme terror that everyone on the street feels with regards to catching this delay virus has created a huge effect to the global economy! Let’s be honest none of us want that as it will effect us all! If we act on the fear, it will have greater consequences for all of us! Let’s just be intelligent about this and the decisions we make!

The biggest impact to you will possibly be with your airline and whether they decide to re-schedule flights or not, keep an eye on what there plans are and check your rights with your Insurance companies!

Keep on top of what is happening with the Virus at the Official European website here-

Stats from The Guardian, Project Nightfall and The Sur in English. 






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