Spanish Flamenco Wedding in Vejer de la Frontera

For  Hannah and Phill we created a most memorable Spanish flamenco Wedding in Vejer de la Frontera. When we first met Hannah and Phill, we were straight away convinced that their wedding was not going to be like any other wedding we had done before. Hannah was not the typical bride in any way. She had not thought about her wedding before. She had no wedding scrap book to share. Having a wedding had only occurred to her after Phill proposed to her!

So, when it happened, she was extremely happy and excited to set about planning an unconventional wedding that would be completely unique and alternative! ‘A huge Party!’ in her own words! Fortunately she liked our style and we were the designated wedding planners. The final result was a beautiful Spanish flamenco wedding in Vejer de la Frontera, a very famous hill top white village.

Hannah and Phill both work in the Fashion Industry, she is a Fashion Editor and he a Fashion Photographer! With their high standards of style, you could say we had a big challenge ahead of us but in actual fact it was the complete opposite.

Hannah’s vision was to create A ‘Slim Aarons’ vibe for her wedding. Luckily, we were huge Slim Aarons fans ourselves. I personally used to follow this photography from the 60’s at the beginning of my photography career. She also wanted the wedding to be almost Kitsch, 60’s and 70’s influence, incorporating a Spanish Flamenco Wedding feel or Spanish Folklore touch to the whole theme. Merging these elements with the stunning views of Vejer de la Frontera as a background resulted as one the highlights of the year.  They had an absolute marvellous day in the sun, with their family and friends, and memories will last forever.

When our job was done and we left the venue, the full moon was hanging above us smiling happily. But not as much as our wedding couple, on that romantic summer night. It had been a magical wedding day and we could not go to sleep without celebrating a bit ourselves 😉

On Sunday we had arranged for Hannah and Phill to have a recovery wedding barbecue, surrounded for another epic day by their closest and dearest friends and family! With the incredible views and back drop of Vejer de La Frontera and great food supplied by our favourite caterer, Hannah and Phill could not have been happier!

Thanks Hannah and Phill for entrusting us with your Wedding in Spain!

A few words from Hannah-

‘Our wedding blew my expectations out of the water—it was so fun and so perfectly arranged for everyone’s enjoyment that we had many friends and family members telling us in all honesty it was the best wedding they had ever experienced. I was on such a high throughout our 3 day-long extravaganza that I spent most of the following day crying that it was over, and feeling desperate to relive it again—and this, coming from someone who was never, ever bothered about even having a wedding, is pretty major.’


Thank you to Aleksandra and Eloy from Eloy Munoz Photography for the beautiful images!

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