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The funny thing about weddings

As a seasoned wedding professional and having worked the wedding market in the UK and Spain, there’s this funny thing about weddings I just don’t get! Generally, I find the perception of the work of weddings in comparison to any other business is treated a little bit as a hobby. A creative role that the services should not cost too much or can even be given free of charge. Here are 5 Myths about weddings I’m about to blast open! After this you’ll either love my honesty or hate me for it.

The first myth i’d like to defuse is: Planning a wedding is a quick and simple job – Only those brave enough to have embarked on the massive job of planning a wedding will really understand the hours that go into it. I am not over exaggerating when I say each wedding takes a minimum of 150 hours! An absolute minimum, most are 200 plus! As time goes on, the job gets faster but a full bespoke wedding will never be under 150 hours and that is with great systems in place and a really proficient planner. Many people are under the impression that it’s a quick job that can be carried out in 1 month! Wedding planning is very admin heavy and if you want your wedding day to run smoothly, that means multiple communication and confirmation with the wedding vendors not just 1 simple email! My average number of emails from planning 1 wedding is approx. 1,500! FYI- I have worked at over 150 Weddings.

The second myth is – Planning a Wedding should not cost much- Is your wedding day one of the most important days of your life? If you’re answer is yes, then you’ll understand the pressure and expectation for all involved in creating your dream wedding day. A perfect day where nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect! Because let’s be honest, you do want this to be the best day of your life don’t you? The last thing you want at your wedding is underpaid, exhausted staff who have to work 100 hours a week to make ends meet. So start to plan a wedding budget that can afford experts who are paid well for a job they put so much heart and passion into. My advice, if you have a budget see how many guests that can accommodate and plan based on that number, rather than wanting, from the outset, a huge wedding to fit a small budget with incredible quality. If you want quality you need to have the budget to pay for the professionals that can provide that service.

The third myth is that Destination Weddings are cheap-At a destination wedding, you can most likely get more value for your money than London or New York prices! But for quality service providers you will still need to allocate a healthy budget. Some vendors are a lower price than at home and you’ll find that the catering and open bar is very reasonable priced in comparison to the US and UK but do be realistic when budgeting. The average cost of a bespoke wedding in Spain is around 45K for 80 Guests.

The Fourth myth is that we should be asking for discounts- This is a myth that has been punted around the wedding industry for some time. We work with amazing vendors, who offer the upmost quality for great prices, they are committing to work on the most important day of your life. You want the best, you want a great service and you want them to feel valued. Many popular blog sites and magazines tell you to ask for discounts, but I personally feel it belittles the value of these professionals. This is the only industry where people think its okay to ask for discounts on everything. To ask people to work for you, below their required income, is a little bit like if you are to tell the saleswoman at a Kate Spade store that you really love that yellow handbag that costs $300, and you only have $150, but you really really want it. v

And finally, the fifth myth that you should be able to tell a wedding professional how to package their services- There’s a myth that in the wedding industry, you can decide on the service you want to have, even if the professional does not offer that service. It’s a little bit like, you’re ordering a steak at a high end restaurant and then telling the waiter that you only ate half, so you just want to pay for half. We’ve been working in weddings for 13 years and for 17 years before that that we worked at blue chip companies in London. We designed our wedding planning services for the way we would like to work. We designed a service that delivers the highest quality, and guarantees perfection for your wedding. We believe it to be the most efficient, error proof service for creating bespoke perfectly planned and timed weddings, with incredible results and avoiding any problems. We cover all of the elements, because if we do not, then something will be missed and the responsibility would land on us. We know this, through experience of planning weddings. It is so important to us that your day is perfect, and we do everything within our power to make that happen. If certain jobs are taken out of the mix and left with Aunty Betty, how do we know if that job will get done? To guarantee excellence we prefer to cover everything. Kind of like if you buy a brand new car, but say don’t worry you’ll fit the wheels yourself. But you don’t really have the tools to do it right, so the wheels come off on your first outing!

There’s a strange misconception that despite the expectation for upmost professionalism and a service beyond 100% by wedding professionals that they should work, longer hours for less money. Let’s start to change that and believe in the excellence of the professionals we are engaging with.

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The Boutique Wedding Co.Rustic Luxe Weddings