Summer Wedding at Hacienda San Rafael

The year was 2016. Our year was officially sold out. We had all the weddings that we wanted to have and a season in front of us, that would test our skills and enthusiasm.

Twenty weddings, twenty interpretations of what a wedding day should entail, and each twenty of them in a different location with different challenges,…

We ‘d visited many times Hacienda San Rafael hoping that one of our couples would fall in love with it and choose it as a wedding venue.

Finally we met Andrea and George. A couple who lives in between London, Monaco and New York who knew the Hacienda but need it someone to make sure their wedding was as they want it.

Many people don’t know this till it is a bit too late in the process and by then they can’t do anything about it. I have mentioned before in some of my blog posts, but I’ll do again.

Wedding venues are very professional. Same applies to caterings companies. Most of the time (and provided they are good ones) they know what they are doing and certainly they have plenty of experiences in organizing events. But it is only normal for them if they want to survive as a business to try to replicate a model that minimizes challenges and maintain costs under control. They can’t be moving things around every weekend based on a clients desire for example to enjoy the cocktail by the orange tree because it remind him to his childhood holidays in Spain. But is the client not entitled since he is paying? Well, he is before the contract is signed afterwards a little bit less.

Following these patterns means that weddings need to happen in a specific way which throughout time it has been proof to be the most efficient way (at least for them) which don’t get me wrong, they are amazing weddings, but somehow very similar one to each other.

Andrea knew this very well. Hacienda San Rafael is great all around venue. Pure rustic chic combined with all the modern comfort with super professional staff. But she still contracted us to ensure we dealt with the venue and create between everyone the wedding as she had envisioned.

The photos from Serafin Castillo shows all the glamour and the beauty present on the day.

I leave you with Andreas nice words…

We got married here last year and had the most amazing few days thanks to the hacienda and The Boutique Wedding Co who helped organise the festivities. I couldn’t have asked for a better team around us who helped create the exact wedding we had envisaged. I worked collaboratively with both the venue and Lucy and Jesus from The Boutique Wedding Co to plan the whole weekend – i really couldn’t have done it without their help. Lucy helped bring to reality even our most left field ideas and everything was done so effortlessly. Even though i myself work in events, i completely trusted Lucy and Jesus to style and dress the wedding without having to do any work myself on the day which is so key when you’re getting married. I’ve seen far too many couples work up until the 11th hour to get something done on the actual day of their wedding which i think devalues the experience for them. Lucy and i were also able to plan the wedding together long distance very easily and she always replied to my e-mails/texts/calls straight away. I really couldn’t have done it without their help and i am very lucky to have found The Boutique Wedding Co online. The hacienda is an exceptional venue, run by an incredibly kind family who always made us feel very much at home. Our friends still talk about the wedding and i am sure we will be back there in the coming years to throw another party! Hacienda de San Rafael will forever be one of my favourite places on this planet!

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