Wedding at Hacienda San Rafael, Seville

After meeting Alexandra and Krystian for first time, we left feeling as we have known them for a long time. They are just that kind of couple. The ones that no matter what, they share sympathy, love and positivity.

We knew straight away their wedding was going to be special. Now writing this from distance, I can assure it – It was dream come through for them.

Their wedding was naturally beautiful. It took place at a great venue, with awesome locations and beauty at every corner.

Everyone involved at the wedding day, felt lucky to be working for them. In fact, it was like we were not really working for them. but helping friends to make their wedding, the perfect day

Food was great, music, lighting, timings… every detail in general connected in a sort of magical symphony, which we thought we were controlling but in reality, it was controlling everyone, including us.

You could feel it in the summer air, in the sound of people talking, in the colours of those fields at sunset, in everybody smiles… The night came on and everyone felt drunk with enchanted love and the moon smiled at us.  

Today we feel super fortunate to have being part of such great couple’s wedding dream.  

We thought we were planning a wedding. How foolish we were. Their wedding didn’t need planning. It was set in time by much more powerful forces. Love and Destiny. Thank you Alex and Krystian.

We leave you with Alex feedback…

When thinking back on planning our wedding, I can without a doubt say that our best decision was to hire The Boutique Wedding. I literally can’t say anything bad about the experience nor their service. We had a vision of our dream wedding, and they more than delivered. Lucy is hardworking, patient, creative, and supportive. She listens and understands. I never felt like I was pushed to make any choices I didn’t like, I never felt like I couldn’t say no. Lucy and Jesus are the most honest, hardworking and fun people. For us, Lucy and Jesus weren’t just our planners, they became our friends from the first time we met them. And it was a wonderful year of planning, and I miss waking up to practical mails from Lucy! Honestly, you would be lucky to have them plan your wedding!

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