Weddings in Spain are Back….

Today I’m really excited to write about something we have been waiting for so long. Weddings are back!!

Yes!! It is happening!! After all this time of uncertainty, fear and feeling powerlessness. After, god knows how many wedding moves, and all the disappointment involved in it. After all this which I refuse to write more about, we can finally proclaim that we are effectively back in business. And I’m not talking about working from an office and seeing the world happening through a screen. No. I’m talking about being out there, at wedding venues with wedding colleagues, meeting face to face with clients and feeling part of their wedding plans by making them reality. Sharing smiles, emotional moments, and making an effort so we can leave the day after feeling proud of having completed a journey.

This whole period has been instrumental for us to realize why we do what we do and why we started in the 1st place many years ago. That vision which after a while you somehow question is now back in our minds, solid and with more strength than ever.

The truth that we have learnt the hard way, is that planning weddings and making them happen is much more than organizing a party for some clients.

It is the storyline of our current life, and without it, our life has felt empty as an empty room.  

And it is no surprise. Every year we meet new couples. We meet them online and then face to face. We plan every detail at the venues and share time with them. Car rides, lunches and breakfast on the road. Sometimes a drink in the evening with some tapas. These couples share their plans and by doing so they become our projects each year giving our life a quaint and diverse narrative. They often become friends and keep in contact afterwards. And if not, we have a great relation whilst planning their wedding which is more than anybody can ask. In any case, they become main characters in our life that year, and if you add them up these couples tell a story.

So now you understand why we are so excited and I’m making a blog post about it. We can press play again and continue with our movie. I can wait to make this years’ projects happening, and also to welcome new characters into our storyline for coming years.

Our Storyline…

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