Rustic Luxe Malaga Castillo Wedding

The story of a Rustic Luxe Malaga Castillo Wedding and what really matters. If you’ve heard from me already you will know that individuality and uniqueness is the ethos behind our weddings. It is not about creating a package and the selling that to large amounts of clients that we do not care for. We truly believe in individuality.We truly believe that each and every wedding couple are completely unique and we truly want to build a solid, honest and healthy relationship with all of our wedding couples.

It honestly baffles me how a wedding planners can offer a service that they say is unique and then just drum out the same old, cookie cutter weddings. I suppose I don’t understand it as it is something that I just don’t believe in. Authenticity drives all that I do and part of that is a desire to get to know, like and help every wedding clients that I come in to contact with.

If you haven’t already met me, then its hard for you to know. But if you have, and you’ve had the opportunity to experience one of my complimentary wedding consultations, you will know that I am honest, open, I speak my mind. I will tell you the truth about getting married in Spain. I will also help you a huge amount to get over the overwhelm and understand how a wedding in Spain works. Share with you how you can have the dream you want.

Our philosophy is not about  hoodwinking you into signing up with us and tell you I can deliver something I cannot. Sometimes, the truth is hard and I hate to have to say it, but i do! That’s my job!  I want to get to know you, I want to hear all about your Wedding plans, I will listen I will give good and informed advice and then, if we click we can work together! Maybe you don’t  like me, maybe my style is not your style and that is okay. We are all unique and that is the beauty of the world we live in.

So this brings me back, all the way back in 2018. We had planned and designed the Rustic Luxe Malaga Castillo Wedding of Wedding of Enya and Hugh. These guys came through to us 18 months before and from the get go, there were so many things that were unique and special! The first thing I remember was the Venues search, a mas expedition of approx. 7 of Enya and Hugh’s family and friends. This is not the norm, it would usually be  Bride and Groom and at a push the parents, but you know, it didn’t matter. We accommodated it and we made it work because that was what was so important to Enya and Hugh.

I don’t think in 13 years of working on weddings I have ever met a couple more family and friend focused, it was like they all came together as one, so united, supportive, caring and loving. An absolutely incredible bunch of people! You know when you spend time around people that truly have so much love and compassion to give, it wears off on you. It is a really positive and beautiful experience. Without a doubt one of our most memorable and lovely couples to date.

Another essential must have for their Rustic Luxe Malaga Castillo Wedding was a Non-Spanish menu! Yes, I now, this sounds crazy but once again, it was what they wanted for them and their family and friends. After all, they know them well and they knew that they had simple tastes, they didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or not be able to eat.

I do see this compassion a lot with people coming to marry in Spain, when I ask one of my  key questions- What are the 5 most important things for your Wedding in Spain? It is very common for the 1st thing to be that my friend and family are comfortable and have the most enjoyable, hassle free time. So many of my clients have shown themselves to be self-less and caring, really putting their family and friends needs before their own. Working with good people is part of the Joy of my work.

Enya and Hugh’s Castillo Wedding was an absolute joy from start to finish, so many unique elements and additions to the day. Some of my favourites to note were Enya’s mum and Dads Folk Group creating all of the beautiful music for the wedding Ceremony. There were 20 of them. A huge passionate choir of people singing truly from their hearts. It was so beautiful! Enya’s dad had been in contact with me to also arrange for a surprise celebrity Guest to attend. It turns our a very well known comedian who entered half way through and did a stand up act. There was so much good feeling and happiness going around, friends and family lovely every minute of the day and night. (open bar for 4 hours is always a winner!)

Thanks to Ernesto Villalba For capturing the day so perfectly and to our in house Florist- Flores La Boheme for creating a perfect palette of rustic luxe flowers, the colours were truly amazing!


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