Wedding Planning: Getting Started

Today’s post is one for both the Bride and the Groom so please do share this article with your partner should you first be reading this alone.

So I hear you are new to Wedding Planning! Well, the truth is that when planning your wedding you will no doubt have a million lists to work too and one of the most important lists, however, will be the first!

Wedding Planning: Getting Started

So to get you started and help you get through this, we have put together a list of the key points that you should attend to as soon as you begin your wedding planning. Clarifying these questions will give you a good idea of what type of wedding you are planning, how much time you have and how much budget you will need. Remember, the most important part of your wedding planning is to enjoy it. At times, wedding planning may become stressful, but once your wedding is over you will miss it and wish you could plan it all over again! Believe me- it’s a wonderful time!

Wedding Timeline

The most important question for you both…When do you want to get Married? How much time do you have to plan? Your exact date will probably be decided by your choice of venue and location, but having an idea of when you would like it to be, will set the scene for the rest of your planning.

Wedding Location

What have you dreamed about? What are you thinking? Church, mountain top or a beach destination wedding? Is your dream a huge production or a more intimate affair, with just close family and friends? The answers will help you determine the perfect location.

Wedding Budget

Who will be paying for what? Traditions have changed and it is no longer the Brides Father who is expected to pay. And sadly, Fairy Godmothers who can wave their magic wands are in short supply. Being realistic about who will be paying and how much you can afford early on is key. Manage your own expectations of what you can afford.

Wedding Guests

Managing an expanding guest list can be overwhelming. Only invite the people that you really want there, after all this is your special day, do not feel pressurised by the people around you. Location and budget will also guide you as to how many guests to invite. Perhaps a destination wedding could be an option here?


Do you want a religious ceremony? For most couples, this will be a definite yes or no depending on their background and traditions. Many couples although not religious wish to incorporate a spiritual component. If you are planning on getting married abroad you will need to check out the legalities of a Religious ceremony, refer to our page ‘Getting married in Spain’.

Wedding Style and Design

Think about, what is your personal style?  Use all of the resources available to you for inspiration, some of my favourite wedding blogs are: Style me Pretty, Rock My Wedding, Love my Dress, Magnolia Rouge (and of course my own!). Remember, where you decide to get married (location, type of venue) and your budget will also help decide on your wedding style.

Wedding Colours and Themes

What colours do you love?  Once again there are some amazing blogs that can help you look at colour combinations that will work! Check out the utterly exquisite colour palettes at: The Perfect Palette. The season you marry in will also help you decide. Also think about the look you would like to create, dramatic romance, Cool contemporary, Light & Whimsical, Rustic chic or perhaps bohemian boutique.

Wedding Vows

What do you want to say to each other? After all, is said and done, this is really the key part of your wedding celebration. Why not make your Vows personal, romantic and most importantly, about you two! If you would like any tips on ideas for personal Vows, then please get in touch.

Perfect Image

With years of working as a wedding photographer and within the image business, I believe this to be one of your key suppliers. You need to know what you are looking for and pay a deposit as soon as possible to book the photographer of your choice. Make sure you see a very broad range of their weddings. Ask which wedding planners they have worked with and check the sites of those planners to see whether the images are consistently good. Also, meet with them, it’s important to like and feel comfortable in the presence of your photographer!  There is the age old saying ‘Cake is consumed and flowers fade but photographs last forever’. I would be more than happy to recommend some photographers for you!

Stay Calm

Stay calm and try and enjoy your wedding planning. All of this hard work is a means for you to celebrate, with the most important people in your life, the love that you share with your fiancee! It will be wonderful no matter what happens. And if you are really feeling overwhelmed then call in a wedding planner!

If this all seems daunting and you would like to talk through the starting points for planning your wedding, please CONTACT me. 

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