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Laid Back Luxe Wedding in Vejer

Katie and Louis-Rocco’s Wedding was one of our favourite weddings for many reasons. It happened in Vejer the la Frontera. A place where we both have strong family connections. My father was born in that little village in the 50s, so technically (as it happens with small village) I’m related to half of the population...

A Marchesa Gown in Vejer!

Katie and Louis-Rocco are the most adorable sweet couple. Childhood sweethearts and for their dream wedding in Vejer Katie was super lucky to wear a Marchesa Gown! For any if you Guy’s are wondering what’s the big deal, well for us girl’s having a Marchesa Gown,  would be the same as you having an incredible...

Spanish Flamenco Wedding in Vejer de la Frontera

For  Hannah and Phill we created a most memorable Spanish flamenco Wedding in Vejer de la Frontera. When we first met Hannah and Phill, we were straight away convinced that their wedding was not going to be like any other wedding we had done before. Hannah was not the typical bride in any way. She had...

Glamorous Wedding in Vejer de la frontera

For Graham and Siân we created the most glamorous wedding in Vejer de la Frontera. When they first got engaged they decided they would like a wedding in the Sun, surrounded by their closest friends, family and loved ones! As their parents have a villa in Southern Spain, it was really a simple decision for...

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The Boutique Wedding Co.Rustic Luxe Weddings